Saturday, March 31, 2012

digging ditches out of boredom.

it's march again, which apparently means it's time for another issue of recinerated.  issue #3 is smaller than the previous issues, but more a reflection of "quality vs quantity," as i note in the introduction.  i wanted to sift the most important parts from the bulk of the year's written material, and this is what was left.

the handful of scenes that compose recinerated #3 are the product of an awful year, full of questioning what it means to cross that threshold from 20-something to 30-something.  the ensuing tales are loosely themed around the metric song "live it out," as it applied to my life in 2011.

an excerpt:  "i thought i'd be doing better than this by the time i got this old. i thought i'd be doing better, or i thought i'd already be dead.  out of the two options, i'm still not entirely decided on which is more favorable.

"but in listening to this song, tonight, i nod my head - i, too, want to 'live it out.'  i just don't know how to, and i fear i'm running out of time to learn."

recinerated #3 is 24 eighth legal pages, mostly text, with a colored vellum cover (assorted colors, chosen at random).  copies can be had for $1 each postage-paid in the u.s., or $2 anywhere else.  trades are excellent, and distro consideration copies are available on request.

ordering info is as follows:
paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; please email at the same address for current mailing address for snailmail orders and/or trades.


  1. this looks great. would you be interested in trading for my zine, motor city kitty? it's a perzine. my latest issue is about going on tour with my friends, attending slutwalk, and moving away from the place i just started to call home. previous issue is mostly about being a cis-lady in the midwest punk scene and a story about the 11th anniversary of my father's death. and the one before that is a split with issue 24 of culture slut by amber (!

    my email is let me know! if not, i'll totally just buy one :)

  2. oh random! i think we met at czf a year or two ago, actually. just looked at the rest of your blog and figured that out. was linked to this via tumblr. so yea, would definitely love to read this!

    1. hey bri! we totally did meet up, and i'd absolutely love to trade. i'll email you in a sec here.