Sunday, May 26, 2013

we all do what we can when we can, pete.

it's been more than a year since my last post.  a lot of big life-things happened.  (i also don't have home internet anymore, so that makes keeping a regular schedule of updates a bigger challenge than i'm up for most days.)

i have two new zines to post about, but another time.  for right now, i just want to note that i've moved to another city and i have new mailing address:

Rae Logios//p.o. box 23194//lincoln, ne 68542//usa.

email's still the same, for now.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

digging ditches out of boredom.

it's march again, which apparently means it's time for another issue of recinerated.  issue #3 is smaller than the previous issues, but more a reflection of "quality vs quantity," as i note in the introduction.  i wanted to sift the most important parts from the bulk of the year's written material, and this is what was left.

the handful of scenes that compose recinerated #3 are the product of an awful year, full of questioning what it means to cross that threshold from 20-something to 30-something.  the ensuing tales are loosely themed around the metric song "live it out," as it applied to my life in 2011.

an excerpt:  "i thought i'd be doing better than this by the time i got this old. i thought i'd be doing better, or i thought i'd already be dead.  out of the two options, i'm still not entirely decided on which is more favorable.

"but in listening to this song, tonight, i nod my head - i, too, want to 'live it out.'  i just don't know how to, and i fear i'm running out of time to learn."

recinerated #3 is 24 eighth legal pages, mostly text, with a colored vellum cover (assorted colors, chosen at random).  copies can be had for $1 each postage-paid in the u.s., or $2 anywhere else.  trades are excellent, and distro consideration copies are available on request.

ordering info is as follows:
paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; please email at the same address for current mailing address for snailmail orders and/or trades.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

a time of transition.

i've decided to close my p.o. box when my lease is up at the end of the month, and it will be another few weeks before i'm able to set up a new one, so if you'd like to exchange or order zines from me through snailmail in the interim, please email me first (vespiaries at gmail dot com) for a current mailing address!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

another wild zine issue approaches!

i hadn't intended to make another issue in the vein of wild tigers i used to know - after all, the point of a one-shot is that it doesn't have a sequel - but sometimes, straying from plans can't be helped.  with that in mind, i now present nostalgia bombs (or, wild tigers i used to know: number two), another short collection of dejected remembrances concerning people from my past, both the recent history and the farther back.

an excerpt:  "'sister saviour' comes up and i recognize it, i remember it, in the context of you.  you put it on a mix for me once, i think.  or maybe you played it on the jukebox at the brothers, those hazy nights we drank away the hours and talked about the kinds of nothing that mean everything at the time.  if i drink myself to death, at least i'll know i had a good time - they could've been words you wrote yourself instead of simply words you co-opted as your own motto."

nostalgia bombs is 16 quarter letter text-heavy pages with an animal-print cardstock cover.  single copies can be purchased for $1, postage paid, in the u.s., or $1.50 elsewhere in the world.  trades (other zines, mixTAPES, unused postage stamps, etc.) are welcome and encouraged; distro consideration copies are also available on request.

ordering info is as follows:
funds can be sent via paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash or trades can be mailed to Rae Logios//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

getting this in while it's still march ...

issue #2 of recinerated picks up where the first one left off, a continued collection of my reflections on everyday life, work, and other assorted mundanities and existential semi-crises.  stories for this issue include: a roof's collapse, a district manager's interrogation, a self-proclaimed psychic's rather laughable analysis of my character, firsthand observations on omaha's indie scene, a few different flavors of misanthropy, and plenty more.

an excerpt:  "i've been trying to combat this urge, though - an instinct to give in to laziness, apathy, and inertia.  i quit doing things i used to love over the last few years, and i've really regretted it.  all the wasted time spent sitting at home with my cats doesn't really qualify as 'living life to the fullest.'"

recinerated #2 is 36 quarter legal pages full of text set against an arty cut/paste-style background.  copies can be obtained for $2 apiece in the u.s., or $3 anywhere else in the world, shipping included.  trades are fantastic, and distro consideration copies are available on request.

ordering info is as follows:
paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae Logios//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

wild tigers on the loose.

nostalgia has long been claimed as my favorite wasting disease; it's been a catalyst for many of the zines i tend to write. wild tigers i used to know is just another one of those zines, a one-shot of yet more stories about people from my past - and not rose-colored warm-fuzzy feel-good stories, either. the three tales in this zine are all gritty and tangled and difficult, so there's a trigger warning for mentions of things like suicidal ideation, drug & alcohol use/abuse, and breakdowns of both the mental and relationship sort. two of the three stories i've been carrying around for eight years or more, and it's well past time to let them go.

an excerpt: "i barricaded myself in your bathroom to take a series of self-portraits on my cell phone camera. [...] i’m wearing that ridiculous black leather jacket, and i look glassy-eyed and tired and miserable and washed out against the backdrop of seafoam-green tile walls of your bathroom. you’re in some of them, too, smiling and laughing, but only because you’re already high as a fucking kite. i only seem to remember you smiling when you were under the influence of some substance or other."

wild tigers ... is 20 quarter letter pages full of text with a white vellum cover and pink ribbon binding.  a copy can be yours for a mere $1.50 stateside or $2.50 elsewhere in the world. i'm also up for trades, and distro consideration copies are available on request.

ordering info is as follows:
paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae Logios//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

suburban gothic #7 finally makes an appearance.

it's been six years since i last made an issue of suburban gothic, and a lot's happened in that time, but i'm finally ready to start talking about it. issue #7 (subtitled "six years in limbo, part one") is the first in a multipart series detailing the (mostly) downward spiral of the course of my life over the span of the six years i've been more or less absent from zinedom.

calling this zine "text-heavy" is pretty generous; it's 24 half-letter pages of almost entirely text and nothing but. (i tried to make up for it by picking nice fonts, at least?) topics in this issue include academic burnout, attendance at a feminist conference and my reflections on it, troubles with friends and my methods of dealing with them, etc. i will also include a 
trigger warning here for a brief discussion of an acquaintance's suicide.

an excerpt: "by the time i was on my way out, i positively hated the university, and i 
loathed the chancellor, and i saw no point in writing some bullshit speech full of false goodwill about what a great experience i'd had. my college experience had been frustrating and faith-breaking. nobody wants to hear a commencement speech like that."

a copy can be yours for a mere $2 stateside or $3 elsewhere in the world. i'm also up for trades.

ordering info is as follows:

paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

distro consideration copies are available on request!